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February 9, 2022

Good Morning,

Another beautiful sunny day at Ole's. Coverage remains excellent. The snowpack went through a transition slightly yesterday. Grooming is ongoing and an early morning tour suggestion would be Trail #5 through the woods out to Trails # 4 and #4a. After that the fields on #5 and Trail # 3will should be groomed up. Then after the sun has a chance to warm up #2, which was thoroughly groomed up for yesterday's race, we will Ginzu groom the begeebers out of it. After that maybe set our sights on Rock N' Roll. By around mid to late morning we should be in virtual spring conditions. It is only February after all. Bring ze' sunblock. Views are going off today.

Yesterday's afternoon race was a hoot. Ole's was alive with many smiling faces and nordic determination. . Some impressive young skiers out there skiing for our Local Public Schools. Good to see.

See you up at the center skiing today. It is looking like an amazing stretch of winter weather we are in for here over the next few days. See you soon.

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