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Closed today, and Probably next few days while damage assessment is ongoing

December 19, 2023

Well anyone with eyes or ears should know that Vermont has once again experienced devastating flooding. Unlike this past July it looks as though our area did not escape the worst of it. From what I saw yesterday in an attempt to get over to the Ski Center it looks to be worse than this Summer.

Damage assesment on the trail system will be ongoing for the next few days so I will be closing the ski shop to make my rounds and start to pick up the pieces once again. If you need shop services, including retail please reach out and I will be happy to meet you by appointment. Looking to get open again at the ski shop at the latest on Friday. No snow in sight but maybe next week things will turn a corner. I hope everyone down river is doing ok, and able to be dry and safe.

I hope everyone is safe and dry out there. Hopefully it is all up from here for the rest of the season.


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