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February 3, 2023

Good Morning,

About an inch of fresh snow out there this morning. The super cold air that moved in overnight squeezed all the moisture out of the air and left us with some really fine dry powder snow. Currently at 10:30 AM it is around 5 below zero out there and the wind is up over the airport. Cold out there no doubt about it. I did do a little grooming in the woods. Make sure you know how to dress if you are going to come up and today would be only good for the heartiest pass holder's to ski. I probably will not be selling you a day ticket or letting rentals out for today only Pick of the day will be Wylie's trail to trails # 5, #8 and # 12. Check in before you go out please.

Please keep in mind that it is really cold out there and common sense is a must. \

Tomorrow it looks to be cold for sure but if the wind dies down, which it is supposed to sometime in the morning, if the sun is out it could be really nice. Sunday looks to be a great day as temps will rebound into the upper twenties.

Give a ring with questions. Kind of nice to have some real deal cold weather. Even if it makes your skis short.

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