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Colder Today, Things have firmed up

February 24, 2024

Yesterday saw spring skiing but today things have gone the other way with temps and we are at around 10 degrees outside the Ole's Base Lodge. As one could guess things have really firmed up and the snowpack is solid. Expect fast and firm conditions today. Grooming is ongoing and the plan is to hit the trails close to the center first with multiple groomer passes and then see if we can work our way further afield. The woods are sketchy and the fields will be the place to go today. The outer loop is now closed. Stick to the groomed terrain only today as other areas will be sketchy.

Skiing will be best later in the day when the sun has had a chance to soften things and the most grooming has happened . Coverage is still good and there will be plenty of glide in the snow today. We have metal edge skis for rent here at the center and that will be helpful with the slick conditions.


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