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Coverage still great Skiing is ongoing

March 25, 2023

Good Morning,

Some showers yesterday and last night and then a refreeze of the snowpack immediately after. The snow coverage remains excellent and trails will be starting to be renovated here in just a little bit. The rain has left the snow surface pitted and rough and as mentioned frozen up hard. The sun is supposed to come through the clouds as the day progresses and when temps start to rise above freezing and the snow surface softens, I will rip the groomer around and make it nice for ya

. Grooming should start around 9:30 and most of the Core trails will get the treatment.

Skiing from around 11AM on SHOULD be excellent. Stay in bed have an extra cup of coffee. Then come rip around on March spring skiing this afternoon. Some kind of something coming in this weekend for weather. Potential snow but all precipitation types are on the table. We shall see.


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