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Dumping snow heavily up here this morning will be out grooming make it nice

March 11, 2024

Good morning, another day of skiing to put on the list today. Things are fairly cold out there in the low 20s. It is dumping snow heavily up here currently. Forecasters say it supposed to snow up here all day potentially with some serious accumulations if things work out right? Either way we have some nice fresh powder on top of that super dense base from yesterday.

I’ve been out grooming this morning and will continue to groom, trying to comb out some of this fresh powder. It is snowing and blowing out there and filling that groomed trail up nicely with fresh powder. Trails #2 , #3,#4,#5 out to E. Warren Rd. through the fields, #’s 7 and #7a out to 4K loops as well as rock ‘n’ roll Trail #11 will get the grooming touch here in the next hour or two. With classic track set.

Coverage and the skiing should be nice. A few slushy spots here and there, but I dragged some plywood around this morning early and filled some of the worst ones in. Come up and enjoy the great skiing up here.


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