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JANUARY 8, 2022

Fast Grass anyone? Yep it's thin but heck I still gotta groom it. We got another little dusting of snow overnight and with this epic base of around 9-12 hundredths of a foot I have rolled out a little loop on the green grass and one pass around the entire Airport field. Some of it will be suprisingly nice and some of it will be true fast grass. If you are a pass holder, want to stretch out the old legs and classic around your should head up and enjoy. I would think it is a little thin for the skating. I could be talked into a reduced rate rental and trail pass. The sun is set to full blast and there is not a breath of wind. Per normal, you can not beat the scenery here. Have a good day and maybe we will see ya. I would not wait long the sun may thin it out quick. Call with questions.

We are fully stocked with gear and have what you need to get out on the trails. We have a great selection of dedicated trail skis as well as off track and BC touring skis. Also hats from Skida and Turtle fur and a great selection of gloves. We have great deals on ski packages as well.

We are currently open 10AM-5PM THURS-SUNDAY.untill we get a little more ski snow.


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