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Full Sun, Excellent Snow. I'd come get it today

February 27, 2024

A really beautiful sunny morning up here at Ole's. Open trails are are really hanging in there nicely. We are skiing on around 16KM+ of good skiing trails.

I had one of the best classic skis on Klister Wax I have ever had yesterday. Things are firm this morning but will soften quickly to a peal away corn snow. Classic March (Almost). A few skate lanes will be combed out this morning, and a nice crisp track was set towards the end of the day yesterday. Once the sun does it's magic and things thaw a bit the skiing will be choice. Already 32 degrees up here and the sun is blasting so it won't take long. Come up and enjoy these great conditions. The weather turns foul tomorrow so I would recomment to Get it today.


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