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Get up, Call in sick, Come up and ski

March 10th, 2021

Morning Folks,

Wake up! We have a spectacular day on our hands. The sun is already blasting over the fields and the best time of year for skiing is at hand. Trails are covered in a deep and very thoroughly frozen snowpack. The strong March sun and rising temperatures will not take long in softening that scratch into some seriously nice skiing. It will be around 4o degrees by about 11AM. Best skiing should be from 10AM-1PM.I think.......... Don't dally now or you will be "TOO LATE!"

I jumped on the Bearcat last night and set a crisp track in some select areas. It will be firm and icy to start but will soon provide the best classic skiing of the year. Skaters are also on deck to enjoy some killer conditions. Come get it early folks, we are looking at some soft conditions until a refreeze on Friday night. A potential trail closure is in store over the next few days if things get really water logged, especially in the afternoons.

Cautiously hoping that we can get through this warm up.

See you up here today!

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