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JANUARY 30, 2023

A shot of rain yesterday afternoon transformed the snow and really firmed things up. The good news? The new groomer drag is doing a beautiful job of getting things broken up and groomed out. Plan is to renovate the entire surface of the core trails, #2,#3,#4,#5,#7 and # 7A and then start setting track on those. After that sights will be set to # 11, and then# 1. Outer loop will be fast and furious so ski with caution. Metal edged skis will be the ticket. We have them in stock and can hook you up. Come check it out.

We had another great weekend of skiing, We were busting with a lot of happy skiers. Peter rocked the lessons and we were able to introduce this awesome sport of Nordic Skiing to a whole new crew of people. Love having this snow to provide some great skiing for you. SKIING FOR THE PEOPLE! See you up here.


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