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Happy Saturday

January 28, 2023

Happy Saturday. Wake up and come enjoy a trail system that is 100% open and groomed up. The Tidd Tech Groomer was ran around this morning and freshened things up nicely. The skiing through out the trail system is fantastic. Caution on the "Outer Loop" downhills as they are rough in only a few spots. Other than that the skiing, especially the snow quality is superb.

Wildlife is on the move. Both predator and prey were spotted this morning, A very brazen Coyote, which ran right up to me as I groomed along. Also herd of healthy looking deer. Many tracks from chase and flight were laid down overnight in all of this fresh snow.

See you up here today. Ski shop open 9AM-5PM today and is well stocked with goodies like new skis, apparel and such, all on sale.


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