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Merry Christmas OPEN TODAY 10AM-4PM

December 25, 2022

Merry Christmas Everyone and Happy Holiday's!

A cold start to the day but really some great conditions for the drastic changes in temperatures and weather we have endured over the last few days. The best skiing is going to be on Trails #2,#3 and # 11 Rock n' Roll. I did groom out along East Warren Road out to the 4K loops. The trails closer to Ole's Base will be the best and overall should provide some great skiing. There are a few hard ice spot to negotiate around. Keep your speed down on the hills. We are skiing on around 15 KM good or take.

Beyond Trail #2 out to the Farm Fields will have good skiing interspersed with some real deal ice spots and a little bit of variable snow conditions. There is some good skiing out there but I will call it EXPERTS ONLY! A really good idea to keep a ski scraper in your pocket as some of the ice is still freezing up. When you hit that water you'll need to give the old skis a little scrape./

We are pumped to be still alive up here at Ole's Come up and enjoy the snow. Have a great day!


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