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Nice and cold but where is the snow?

Crispy and cold out there this morning. It was 2 degrees as of 6 AM. The air is nice and fresh but unfortunately our earth is still earth colored and not snow colored. Some snow is coming in tonight. Not looking like much, up to three inches but yesterday morning we were not supposed to get anything. The storm is trending more north today than it was yesterday. Maybe if we all close our eyes real tight and wish upon a star it will track more north and hammer us with some groomable snow. Still some uncertainty in the forecast discussion so while it does not look great..... There is still a chance.

Places like Allentown, PA are supposed to get up to two feet of snow through tomorrow. Exactly where they do not want it. It is just not fair! Southern VT looks like they have a good chance for some significant snow. That will be good for them. The plus side of this is? Storms seem to be rolling through the country every week. The weather, today is proof, is turning colder and colder. It is a matter of time. Think snow people!


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