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Nice and cold, still waiting on some snow!

December 10, 2022

Good Morning,

A nice picture of evening biking? Not the pic I want to take on December 9th but a decent way to get your Ya Ya's out. I can't wait to be skiing instead of rolling around and apparently a little patience is in order.

It IS sunny and cold this am but we are looking at green grass instead of a nice blanket of white. Still waiting on some fresh snow to get re open. Ole's ski shop is still open 10AM-4PM Thursday-Sunday. Closed Monday-Wednesday until we get a little ski snow. Keep your fingers crossed.

See you up here sooner than later I hope!.

We are fully stocked with nordic ski gear. Including track skis as well as Off Track and BC Touring Skis from Rossignol, Madshus and Fischer. We are psyched to bring Madshus to our retail lineup this year! We also have a great selection of Nordic and BC boots. Also a great line up of gloves and we have a ton of SKIDA hats for your browsing pleasure.

Come pick out some Christmas Gifts for your loved ones our just for your self!

Your worth it!

See you all soon!


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