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January 14, 2022

Good Morning,

We endured a lot of rain yesterday morning but were left with mores snow on the ground then when it all started. Everything is coated in an shell of crust snow. The fresh snow on top never really happened unfortunately. I managed to groom out around the Airport, as well as the inner loop on the "green grass' and around Rock n' Roll.

The Airport loops should be pretty nice skiing with a few interesting spots. Overall the crust tilled up nicely and a track should be able to be set on a lot of it. Rock n' Roll is half good skiing and half marginal skiing. It will be for experts only today. That leaves us with about 4 KM of good skiing and about 1.5KM of a little marginal skiing. I'll be skiing it all today. Skating should be fast. There is an icy and or thin spot so take it easy out there. See you up here today.

We will be running half day rates all day today.

If you interested or want to check out some ski gear we are on sale here in the shop. See below.


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