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Rain and wind, wind and rain

December 23, 2022

Goor Morning?

What a difference in twelve hours. Last night around 5PM the snow and weather were about as nice as they can get. This morning as anyone within a few hundred mile radius of Ole's Base Camp knows, it is rainy windy and very raw out there. This weather will suck the heat right out of you. I do not know how the wildlife can get through it. But they do.

As of right now at 9:30 AM everything is still covered in a good base. I do not dare predict what the final outcome will be after this battle between our snowpack and the very impressive cyclone spinning over us will be. However, I am cautiously optimistic. One thing is for sure. that if there is any sort of anything left, I will be grooming it.

Needless to say not much for skiing going on up here today. Trails will be closed today and for as long as they need to drain out from all the water coursing through them. Please do not be a goof ball and go out on them. It will trash them thoroughly.. Enjoy a day off and think positive thoughts towards the snowpack.. Who the heck would want to go out in this anyways?

Things are set to do a very rapid refreeze overnight and we will be assessing things later today and tomorrow morning. I'll do my best to make it happen for all the people! Stay tuned.

We are open today and tomorrow. XMAS eve from 9AM-4PM. TBD on Christmas Day. We have a great selection of Ski Gear,. and apparel for you to browse. We have what you need for Nordic Gear and accessories. Come up and get that last minute Gift or just take advantage of our great prices on gear for yourself. Nothing beats bad weather blues like new shiny ski gear.

Slush Chucken' is about the funnest thing going on up here this morning. Gotta Find the fun where you can!

See you all soon!

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