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Rainy, may close trails

Good Morning,

Rainy and above freezing out there today. It never really refroze last night so right now we have mash potato snow on our hands. We may close trails just for the day, to keep them being too torn up for the refreeze that is happening tonight. I took a good ski at the end of the day yesterday and was amazed at how the snow coverage is hanging in there. There are a few places where a slight break in the trail has shown up with the melting, but I think as of last night I counted maybe 4 or 5 of them and the rest of the skiing was great. I anticipate the weekend to provide yet another couple great days of skiing. Driving along Airport Road or most of the Vermont for the matter and you would think I was lying but the skiing is great. We have great spring skiing conditions on our hands. Get it now folks. See you tomorrow. Call with questions.


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