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Saturday gliding in store

Good Morning,

Well, yesterday's warmer temperatures did diminish the snowpack a tad. But, we still have some skiing available for you today. It may be only around the airport and a loop on the inside of the runway, but today's temps are supposed to rebound into the twenties and the sun will be out in force.

The skiing is pretty typical right now. The west side of the airport and the loop on the inner "fairway", between the hangers and the runway, have great coverage. The back side of the airport is a little bony but definitely skiable. The best parts of today will be three things, lotsa' sunshine, killer VT vista's and the fact that we are gliding around on November 16th! This is just a little tate of what is to come. It feels like mid winter already but we have the whole winter ahead.....Nice.

The ski shop is open today and tomorrow from 10AM-3PM.

Our open loops were groomed last night and the snow should have locked up over night. The dusting of snow that came in last evening should soften things up a bit and the best snow should be this afternoon when the sun has come out and worked its magic. Classic skiers and hearty skaters should enjoy everything today, but the best skating will be on the inside loop, which measures around almost 2KM. See you up at the center. Have a great weekend.


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