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Skiing is excellent trails groomed and ready for ripping!

Good Morning,

Snowing in Central VT right now!

It snowed off on and on last night and we picked up another couple of inches of snow. It has groomed up nicely. All the core trails of #2,#3#4,#5,#6,#7 and #7a,#8,#12, and # 11 have all been seriously buffed out and classic track applied. The skiing is excellent. It is like real winter out there at the moment. Skiing is excellent come enjoy.

Ole's Ski shop is on sale! Check it out online at


         If you are looking for some gear our Nordic ski shop is fully stocked up for all your skiing needs. We have  great deals on skis, boots, poles, and Nordic ski packages. We have on-track touring, off track touring and backcountry touring skis for sale and rent. We also have hats from Skida and Turtle Fur, soft goods from Swix and Toko. We’re fully stocked with all your ski waxing and tuning supplies to get your skis gliding fast.

    We are also offering seasonal rentals on equipment. We have an extensive selection of On-track touring, off-track touring as well as BC Nordic touring gear available for seasonal lease. A great way to figure out the kind of set up you want for the kind of skiing you want to do. Options to buy your leased equipment at the end of the year with a hefty discount available on some setups.

   We are also starting to turn over our rental line. We have some of our rental gear available for sale. Stop in for details. See you soon.


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