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MARCH 18, 2023

The snow pack remains deep despite an honest shot of rain last night and then a partial re-freeze. Trails are being groomed out and most of the core trails will be regroomed and tracked here in the next few hours. It its taking an extra pass or two to make things respectable but things should ski nice and springy out there today. It will be T-Shirt weather here in the just a little bit so come up and enjoy these great winter conditions.

We are tentatively going to hold the Valley Cup here on Sunday 3/19 if we see enough skier turn out and the weather does not look too dismal. In typical fashion our scheduled race date looks to be cold and windy. Go Figure!

-Registration ends Saturday 3/18 at 5:00 PM. If you are interested in coming up to race please register by then by clicking the button below.

Also see the course map below. Race will be short and sweet and spectator friendly. All trails will be open while the race is being run. Approximately 11AM-1:00PM.


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