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Still a little skiing up here. Come get it today, rain tomorrow

March 16, 2024

Good Morning,

Yesterday the consistent drizzle and warm temps certainly had a toll on the little base we had left. Looking to re groom around the airport and to groom out our inside low snow loop that we do on the green grass. Around the airport field it will be good skiing with bare and slushy spots to get around. The 1KM-2 KM low snow inside loop closer to the center should be full overage and a full loop should be able to be made. . I will set track where possible. The snowpack froze up solid last night and best guess is that it will be at the sweet spot around mid morning into the afternoon. Call with questions.

Any pass holders who want to venture out to the farm fields may do so and will find some good snow out there and definitely an adventure! Check in and let us know you are here. Stay off the outer loop please, we don’t need any silliness this late in the game.

I was hoping to have had a little more for today but alas it is what it is. Still some skiing up here and tomorrow looks dreary once again so get it in today. Big storm could be just around the corner. You never know.


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