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MARCH 21, 2023

Good Morning,

Today, on the first full day of Astronomical Spring we are enjoying a deep snow pack, a trail system fully open with excellent skiing conditions. It has been a few years since we have had such good spring skiing. Most excellent!

A good chunk of the core network will be groomed up this morning. As mentioned all trails are open and should ski VERY nicely when that sun has a moment to work a little magic. Most things had softened up yesterday by around 12PM.This is the time of year when when it is below freezing, expect firm and fast conditions and when things have thawed the skiing will be on that nice "Corn Snow".

On the warmer days, in the afternoons, the trails will be become soft. That is a spring snow cycle and it sure is some of the best skiing to be had.

Yesterday I groomed out most of the trail network and even did a few passes with ze' Ginzu Groomer around the outer loop. Trials #6,#9 and #10. It skated nicely with some soft corn snow.

Come up and enjoy these great March skiing conditions.

Please find some updated race results below.


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