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Still Skiing up here!

Sunday December 26, 2021

It was less than ideal day yesterday for Christmas Skiing but an ideal day for Christmas hanging out. The freezing rain that threatened to ice us out turned to a stellar 1/2" of snow. And dare I say it, may have made it better than it was when when the junk started coming down. There is for sure still some thin spots and a bit of stubble sticking out on the back side of the Airport but the skiing is pretty nice good. Amazing what a little bit of snow will do. It even looks like it might flurry even more. Building that base in foot decimals so far this year.

Groomed out for you this morning will be Trail #2, Trail # 11 Rock n' Roll and the inside loop we have been grooming which measures just short of 2KM. A total open distance of AT LEAST 5KM. The skiing I have to say is suprisingly nice. Expect great gliding intermixed with an occasional thin and or icy spot. If you want to get outside, burn off some Christmas calories, and enjoy the fresh air and VT scenery than we are your place. See you up here today.


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