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Sun is out, going to be a beautiful day

March 20, 2021

Good Morning,

It is going to be another beautiful day here in East Warren. Our skiing is hanging in there like a champ and we are still open with around 20KM. The coverage is still good to great on most everything with the occasional spot of good old mother earth poking through. Skiers can expect to negotiate only a few bare spots here and there but other than that the snow is fantastic. Yesterday the skiing was variable as the melt freeze cycle was inconsistent. It froze thoroughly last night and with the beaming sun and warm temperatures forecasted for today it will not take long for that snow to go from solid, to nice peel away corn to mash potato mush. Best guess is that prime skiing will be from 10am-1pm. It WILL however be beautiful all day long, the views being far and wide. Come up enjoy this nice spring air, beautiful sun and snowpack that keeps on giving. See you soon.


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