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That is a wrap for the season

April 06, 2023

Good Spring Afternoon to ya,

Well that looks about the end of the skiing for the season. We managed to squeeze another day out of it yesterday. Then the rain moved in last night and we got a real good dose of Spring Rain last night. While there is still some coverage out there, I would say the bare spots are legit enough now to call trails closed for the season. Please be aware that all trails are closed for all uses as of today. Please respect our land owners and stay off of them until next season. Thank you!

Thanks for a great season everyone! It has been a great season with a highly durable snowpack and a few real deal major winter storms. Like those of yesteryear. We have been skiing on excellent snow now for weeks on end, managed to be the first ski center open in VT this year, as well as scoring 102 days of great skiing. People say it has been a lean season, but if you know how to work the snow, keep the faith and get that skiing in when the skiing is there, then every season will be a great one. That's the name of the game. We also managed to hold a very successful Mad River Valley Cup. We are pscyched to keep that tradition going as well.

. As always a big thanks to everyone's support for this great little ski touring center. A thanks to all the pass holders, returning and new, and all the other folks who came up to enjoy the trails.

And of course the biggest thanks goes to all of the Land Owners for allowing us to go across.

Thank you!

Ole's has been up here supporting and growing Nordic Skiing and generations of Nordic Skiers for the better part of 50 years. May it be around for many more generations and decades. I'll keep grooming it if you all keep skiing it! Deal?

See you all soon.


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