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Thats a wrap have a great off season.

March 29, 2022

Well this last week looked to be our last hope for a little late season skiing. In typical Vermont Irony though I imagine a huge snowstorm will materialize in the forecast as soon as I post this.

But as of right now I am calling it a wrap on the season. A little up and down this year as the North East tends to be but overall I am calling it a great season. We totaled just over 80 days of skiing and much of it on some of the best conditions ever here.

This year I have never seen so much enthusiasm for the sport. After the snowstorms people were hungry and ravenous for that skiing, Couldn't keep them away! There were a ton of new faces and tons of new people introduced to the sport Via's Ole's trails and Via, ahem... Ole's quite charming staff.

Nothing makes me happier then to see people up utilizing this Valley Tradition here in East Warren. May it live long and provide decades more skiing for the peoples.

Thanks to all the Pass holders and day visitors alike. I am glad to provide such a great way to enjoy our landscape.

And of course a big thanks to our Landowners, the long time and new ones alike. The positive relationship we have with all of our landowners is quite special. Thanks You!

Also thank you to my staff for being rock solid when it was fast and furious.

The last few days of skiing we were able to drop all of our Covid restrictions. I am looking forward to getting the lodge rocking again and having things back to normal for next season.

Have a great non ski season everyone. Till next storm.


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