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Trails need to drain Assessing the situation

December 24, 2022

Good morning

Copious amounts of rain fell here yesterday. The Wet and Warm temperatures combined with the the strong Southeast wind has created spots of standing and or flowing water that needs to drain from the trails

No we are also experiencing a power outage so for the moment we are closed for retail and skiing That was a seriously impressive storm and it's really created a mess out there. The good news? We kept a lot of snow cover surprisingly And it looks like we picked up a few inches of windblown powder that will help to mix with the granular snow. I am fairly confident we'll be able to get some sort of skiing going again. Where and what is just an unknown right now. Water needs to drain from underneath the snow pack. Any traveling or grooming on it will bring the water to the surface and ruin it. Also it's cold as can be out there with 20 below windchill Will update with any new news stay warm and safe.



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