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March 28 2024

More rain fell last night, quite heavy at times.

Trails took a real hit and with the lack of coverage and a wet mushy ground/snowpack we do not have enough continuity in the snowpack to groom or to call it open.

A bit of a soap opera this season with the up and down weather but yesterday was 95 days of skiing on natural snow. Respectable.

We will need some more snow to get any skiing open again.

Another some kind of something storm is set to hit us again this week. It could go either way. Rain, snow or a mix of both. I will go home later and take the plow off the truck. That should secure us another snow storm. Stay warm and dry out there and if you are not thinking snow maybe just wish for a solid stretch of sunshine! Anyone for a few days of non rainy weather? Wouldn't that be nice.

Stay tuned.


March 27, 2024

Good morning,

We are still open and we are still skiing on decent coverage. The entire trail system is open. There is a surprising amount of snow out there but the last few days of melting and some drizzle this morning has definitely opened up some slushy/thin spots. There is still good skiing, but expect to negotiate them. I skied around out there on and off all day yesterday and had a blast.

The best skiing will be earlier in the day today before things get really warm and the snow pack becomes really mushy. Limited grooming because of the warm conditions. Looking like a few days of above freezing temperatures with a little rain mixed in. I am hopeful to squeeze at least one more weekend out of this. I think we should be left with enough to do so but time will tell. If we can keep snow, this weekend will be beautiful with below freezing temperatures at night and beautiful sunny skies during the day. Limited grooming today due to the warm temps. The trick to getting the best kind of skiing right now is to come at the right time. Things need to soften up a little bit above freezing and if you wait too long it will get too mushy in the afternoons. Usually between nine and one is the sweet spot. But don't quote me on that please. Usually, any skiing is fun skiing in my opinion.

Come up and enjoy some spring skiing!

March 26, 2024

Another morning and another day of great skiing up at Oles Cross Country. Our trail system is 100% open and just about everything is groomed out. The Outer Loop was packed out a few days ago and reports are that it Is nice down there with only a few funky spots to negotiate. Trail #7. Beyond #4 out to #6, #9 and #10 have all been rolled out. The short section of #6 from the #7 Junction south to the first road is packed only. From that first road crossing #6 to the #6/#7A junction has been groomed and tracked per normal.

All the other core trails are groomed and tracked and have been rebuffed this morning and ready for you to rip. Hope everybody can come up and enjoy these great conditions. See you up here.

We were on end of season clearance sale! So come up and check it out!

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