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Open Today 9AM-5PM, BKL kids ski club is today at 3:30pm

Good Morning,

Trails are great, the skiing is great. We have great trails available for skiing, snowshoeing and fat biking.

The following trails are open for fat biking:

Trail #2, the loop around the airport, trail #5 through the woods only, down to the Repeat Hill, and trail # 7a loop, trails #4 and 4a, and trails #8 and #12. Trail #1 loop is also open to fat biking but will most likely be too soft in places. Please note that trail #5 along the East Warren road is closed to fat biking as well as trail #2 down around the polo field east of the airport loop. If you do not know where those places are please stop in a we will be happy to show you the best routes.

That being said all trails are excellent and the weather is pleasant. See you soon.

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