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Beautiful day and surprisingly good skiing here today.

Good Morning,

The sun is out and yes the Ariport field looks a little barren but....

We are still open with great skiing, riding and snowshoeing!

I know some of you may think I am full of it, but the trails that are open are skiing amazingly well. Yes there is an occasional spot that is a bit thin, bony, or scratchy but for the most part skiing is fantastic.

We even have a very random visitor from the far north come and say hello this morning. A Snow Goose has mysteriously appeared next to the center and is chilling out in the morning sun. Ok. random but what ever man!

Open Trails list includes

-Trail # 5 Through the woods only out to the Repeat Hill section and #7A loop. -Trail #4 is also open and skiing nicely with just a few feet of thinner conditions to negotiate. -Trail #11 Rock n" Roll is also open and skiing great ! -Trail # 2 Including the Polo Field. The section between the center's building and the end of the hanger is a bit rough but the rest of it is great.

Trails # 8 and # 12 through the woods. -Trail #1 which will ski amazingly

Things are still well worth heading up for and I hope to see everyone utilize the trails while we wind down for the year!

Call with questions.

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