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3" of Fresh Snow overnight

January 29, 2024

A nice wet 3" of fresh snow overnight has given the trail system a perfect refresh. It is grooming out nicely and all the core trails are set to be groomed out fresh in just a little while. Just about everywhere is set to get the groomers touch today.

Skiing is fast so take it easy on the down hills. Especially on the outer loop, Trails #6 Folsom Brook, #9, #10 as there are rough spots on all the downhill sections. Skiing on trails #6, #9 and #10 is for experts only who can stop quickly on all steep downhills and rough terrain.OT or BC Ski Setups recommend. Also the downhill coming down #2A is sketchy and should be skied uphill.

Other than that the skiing is excellent and the scenery will be great today. Very wintry. See you up here.


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