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Morning folks,

Another day in paradise. The snow spigot continues to be turned to on, and snow just keeps falling from the sky. It is truly a winter wonderland out there. The conditions are amazing and everything is open, groomed and ready to be ripped. All trails will be brushed up and combed out by around 11:30 am today. Come up and enjoy this stretch of winter. It looks like at least a week straight of cold nights with days rebounding into the teens to the mid twenties each day. We are set up for a great President's Holiday this weekend and next week. Serious, significant snow potential for next week. The skiing yesterday afternoon was as good as I have ever seen it. Come up and get this skiing!

Caution on Cold Spring as there is active logging going on TODAY just below the first road crossing heading away from the trail #9 and #5 junction. CALL WITH QUESTIONS ABOUT SKIING THE OUTER LOOP.

The outer loop trails of #6, #9 and #10 have been packed out and track set where possible. Trails #6, #9 and #10, which are groomed and generally skied as a loop have some changes and important hazards to note for this year. There is an active logging going on right now on Cold Springs Farm Trail. The logging is on Trail #9 after the first Airport Road crossing just after leaving the junction of trails #9 and #5. Because of this there will an ungroomed section of trail #9 from the road crossing to about 1.5KM west to the bottom of the hill and the hard left hand turn. Skiers will have to negotiate the ungroomed snow. BC skis recommended.THE OUTER LOOP IS OPEN TO EXPERTS ONLY. If you hear logging, machinery or chainsaws actively working be smart turn around. Call or check in for details. Any problems or interference with the operation may result in Season Pass Suspension. We may close these trails as the situation dictates. Respect any trail closed signs.

If you decide to pay us a visit please note that you are required by the State of VT to follow quarantine guidelines and to fill out an attestation form for Covid-19 travel restriction compliance. You can find a link on our home page of our website ( to fill out your online form. Please do so BEFORE you show up and on the day you plan to ski. Also note that equipment rentals and most shop services are by reservation. Call for availability and or questions.


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