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April 3, 2023 1:30 PM

A little update to the grooming for the day

I just groomed out the following terrain and set a classic track on the following trails.

Trail #1- Has amazing coverage minus one bare spot in the fields that you will have to pop your skis off and walk across if you care about your skis. It is probably 10 ft long....really nice over there!

Trail #2- Great coverage minus two spots you have to get around that are probably 10 ft long.

Trail #3 Great coverage on the whole trail.

Trail #4 Good to excellent coverage on the entire trail

Trail #5 including the woods section has excellent coverage through out except for one small bony section just before the fields heading northerly and the usual road crossings, plus one grass spot 2ft wide you have to get over.

Trail #7 out to Trail #4 only, good coverage with one small bony spot

Trail # 11 Has great coverage. The entrance is a little more melted out than usual but the whole loop is there and skiing great mostly.

Total groomed for Skate and Classic skiing is approx 20-25 KM. Should be excellent out there.

Please Note: We are open to our seasons pass holder's through this weekend conditions permitting. After that all trails will be closed to all uses. Please respect land owners and stay off. We will be back for another great ski season next year!


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