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Spring Skiing Here Today

February 11, 2022

Good morning,

Should have posted this yesterday, but here are the results to Wednesday's race. ......................

As of 10AM we are hovering right around the freezing mark outside. The snowpack has fully transitioned into corn snow and the skiing will be fast and firm in the morning, beautifully edge-able and full of glide during mid day time and soft and squishy later in the day. Spring skiing is fun and T shirt weather skiing is always a treat. Come up and enjoy the snow.

We are set up for an excellent weekend of skiing. All but the outer loop was groomed out yesterday and this morning the outer loop, Trails #9,#10 and #6 was groomed out and should provide an excellent "backcountry": tour. Sure is beautiful down there and full of critters.

Ski shop is open and stocked for your Cross Country and Backcountry needs. We have Rossignol and Fischer Track skis as well as offtrack touring skis. Skis, Boots hats and accessories galore. We have your waxing supplies for that sticky spring snow.


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