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Still good skiing!

Well we sure got the hammer down from the melt the last few days. It certainly reduced our snowpack, but the very densely packed base of where our trail is has for the most part remained on quite a few trails. Predictably trails were in pretty rough condition this morning. Many passes have been made on some select trails and believe it or not the skiing is really nice. Right now it looks like the skiing will be on trails #2, #5 through the fields along East Warren Road, Trail #4 which is especially nice, and # 11 Rock n' roll once I get there. Trail #5 through the woods will also be skiing well but it needs some debris clearing before it gets my "good". There is an occasional variable spot see skiers all

Grooming is ongoing and skiing is getting better with every pass of the groomer. Skaters should be stylin' today but classic skiers will also find track in quite a few places. As I said, the grooming is ongoing, and as the day progresses the skiing will get better and better. The sun will do it's bit as well. See you soon, call with questions.

All visitors still must fill out an attestation form before they visit and are expected all Covid guidance! See our homepage for all the info you need.


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