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March 02, 2022

We are off to a snowy start in March with another 2"-3" of fresh snow yesterday and last night. Another round of snow is forecasted to come through this afternoon as well. Just about all but the outer loop were groomed out fresh this morning. There are an occasional solid ice patche under a dusting of snow so keep an eye out and ski safe, especailly on the downhills and in the woods. They are few and far between but are present. Other than that the skiing is excellent. With temps in the upper twenties it you sure can not beat the weather.

The outer loop, trails #6,#9 and #10 were packed out yesterday but there are some thin sections. One of the more sketchy sections would be the hill below Airport road heading west on Trail #9 Cold Springs Trail. There are obstacles and hazards throughout the "BC" loop. Ski with care.

We still have a good selection of gear here in the shop. We have skis for ze' trail and we have skis for off ze' trails. We also have skis that "bridge" the gap for tackling both on and off track touring. There are Skate Skis in stock as well as the ski boots and poles to go with your new skis. Also Skida, and Turtle Fur Hats, Swix and Toko gloves. Also the wax and tools to tune up your skis for all this fresh snow. Come check it out.

Ski shop open 9am-5pm today.


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