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March 30, 2023

16 degrees out this morning sure feels chilly now that we have had such nice spring skiing. Today however will be nice WINTER skiing as it is a high temperature of around 30 degrees with a fresh 1" of powder snow that fell overnight.

I have taken the groomer out this morning and buffed out trails #2,#3 all of #5,#7A (which has a few open water spots now) and #4. Trails #11 Rock n' Roll and Trail #1 were groomed out yesterday with fresh track set. All other trails have some track from yesterday with fresh snow in the tracks. It is a little firm to reset track this morning. If things soften later fresh tracks may be a possibility. Skating should be really nice today.

This morning I also went down around the outer loop (#'s 6,9,10) with a single pass with the big groomer, setting a nice wide groomed track. The coverage down there is remarkable for this late in the season. There are a handful of thin spots to scoot around but otherwise it is all there. As usual the outer loop is for advanced skiers only.

Come get your skiing in! This weekend looks ominous. We have had an excellent winter season here and everything right now is just gravy! See you soon.


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