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Come get your nice skiing in!

February 22, 2024

Come get your skiing! The skiing is great. Most of the core trails were combed out this morning, the sun is working its magic and the sun is shining. This snowpack is hanging in there quite nicely. A little funk in the weather tomorrow but we are optimistic about having some skiing for the weekend. A little fresh snow may fall at some point with this weather system coming in tomorrow. Time will tell.

The trails are in great shape and coverage is excellent in most places. Some thin spots here and there and the outer loop is nice in spots and a bit of a survival ski in others. So read details below for cautions on select trails in general.

Our ski shop is on sale so come check it out.

    -Trails #6,#9 and # "10 Outer Loop" Caution!-

. The outer loop, trails #6,#9, and # 10 got groomed out yesterday with track set. It is quite nice in most spots. Please note: This outer loop is open only in the counter-clockwise direction, skiing down Trail #6 Folsom Brook from the #6,#7A Junction, through the Bundy Trail # 10 and up Trail #9 Cold Springs Farm Trail. The loop is posted closed from the #9 and # 5 Junction as it is quite sketchy on the down hill West of the first Airport Road crossing through the pine trees right before the hard Left as you near the back meadow on Trail #9. Not much snow in there as it gets stripped by the wind and is in thick Pine Forest. The outer loop is for Experts only, who have experince sking in offtrack and Backcountry situations and who have the skills to stop on the steepest of downhills. quickly. Ski with a friend, and check in if you head out and the same when you come back. Recommended to take skis off on steep downhills and walk.

-Trails #4 Caution!-

Active logging going on right now near and around the 4KM loops. Please use caution, stay on all detours marked with arrows and remember that all loggers and machinery have the right of way. Ij short stay out of the way. Wave to the land owners who are working in the sunshine and say thanks for letting us ski there. Good day to be working and playing in the woods.

Trail #7 Caution

Trail # 7 is closed from the #4 junction to the #6 junction.


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