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March 15, 2024

Good morning,

1/2" of rain overnight so things are saturated with water: No grooming first thing today. Trails, from what I can see, look to have good snow on them. I think we should have some Decent skiing up here for the weekend. Tomorrow looks like a really nice day. Ski shop hours will be minimal today.

We will be open for the weekend 9am-5pm.

Note: we are in the midst of what seems like our 20th mud season since last Fall. We recommend coming up to the ski center via Warren Village to Brook Road then to Airport Road. Airport road is marked by the town "closed to through traffic" at the Dump Road and Airport Rd., Junction but you can continue the 1/2mi up to the ski center. We do not recommend coming up Airport Road directly off of Route 100 by the gas station.Which is also posted as "no through traffic" Again, Warren village is the cleanest easiest route.

March14, 2024

Good Morning

Trails holding on strong. Some classic style spring skiing up here today. Core trails that are open have been brushed out in skate lanes. Temps dropped and the snow froze again contrary to what was forecasted. Will set some track later as needed on core trails. Once things have softened. Still a pretty good track left from yesterday in most places.

Coverage is good and the skiing is good to really nice interspersed with some thin/moist areas. Come enjoy it today. Some occasional annoying rain again over the next few days. But a solid snowpack out there so hoping to keep some snow and trails for the up coming weekend. See u up here.

March 13 2024

All open trails have been combed out fresh this morning with two passes in the skate lanes and there is still a good track from yesterday. Thing froze last night and will soften as it gets warmer through the day. There are a few funky spots to work your way around but mostly they are filled in and very passable. Trails #2, #3, #5, trail #7 out to the #4 loops are open and have been groomed. Trail #5 in the woods from the #12 Junction headed north until you get out into the field is kind of rough but the coverage is surprisingly good in there. Trail #7a was groomed out yesterday, but quite a slushy spot as you enter into the birch trees. Other than that occasional funky spot, skiing is really nice. It is a beautiful day for skiing.

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